Me and Doris

My Suzuki DR 350SEX. Worn out after 92,000kms.

I’m perhaps a bit late setting up this home page but it needs doing, so here we go.

My strap line is ‘Adventure before dementia’, either suggesting I’m going on an extremely long journey or that I’m not young any more. It’s the latter I’m sorry to say, although I do hope the journey will be extremely long too. At time of writing it stands at 120,000 kilometres. I hope to be travelling many thousands more.

I was sixty two years old when I left in April 2014. I’m a little older and much wiser now. Despite much research and reading of the adventures of others, there’s only one place to learn about being on the road and that’s on the road.  I’ve learned many lessons but the main one is that travelling is a fine way to live. Therefore I plan to do it for as long as I am able.

So far I’ve crossed Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Then on to Japan, New Zealand, Australia and into SE Asia. I’m now in Malaysia, having explored Timor Leste and Indonesia.

I’ve been blogging my tales of wonder and woe since I left. To those of you who have joined me already, thanks for sharing my journey. Knowing you’re there makes the effort of writing worthwhile. For those of you who’ve somehow tripped over this page, I’d like to invite you to join me  and hope you enjoy my tales. Welcome aboard. Blog posts can be found here.


Geoff Keys

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. OJ says:

    I have added a reference to your adventure on my Twitter account, hope it may increase your audience. Keep up the travelogue. Excellent.


    • Hi John.
      Thanks for doing that, it’s very kind of you. I was pleased to read that things are going well for you. Take good care of yourself.


  2. Nick curry says:

    Well done it’s great what your doing only wish I was brave to do it my Self. world knowledge is the best you can have safe travels mate


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